We are dedicated to directing and developing individuals into valued contributors to society. We will maximize their potential to enable them to serve in an international work environment. We guarantee to set them on the right path for a bright future. AMS Overseas Education Consultants is a Pakistan based. AMS CONSULTANTS isĀ  FBR Registered. It is solution oriented company with a single mind approach in tailoring career paths to suit individual profiles within the parameters that may prevail in each case. The parameters may be educational, financial or personal. We are dedicated to provide complete higher education and career solutions for local and expatriate public looking to study and work in U.K, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, & Germany.
AMS CONSULTANTS works with International Institutions, organizations and Programs throughout the world to meet the unique needs of International Educations and Visa formalities. Student recruitment and student cultural exchange, which is encouraged in all areas. Our primary purpose is to provide global services for education and career development to international students, institutions.
. Not only the above countries offer quality education at extremely competitive prices, it also helps the students to interact with the multicultural environment, thus promoting their personality development. Besides advising on the educational system, we also provide general information about culture and society, specific information on courses and institutions, individual and group counseling to students and their parents. Furthermore, we assist with the preparation and submission of applications both to educational institutions as well as for visas, arrange seminars, pre-departure, and accommodation and airport pick up.